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A time of cascading years...

... hi-ho. An idea for an 'event'. While nobody's been around to help maintain the consensual reality of the 'Box (everyone was off playing the hot new VR MMOG, Galaxy of Warquest), things have been... slipping. People would pop out in their own pocket timestreams, utterly unaware of the fact until they re-merged with that of others. While the Mess has never been one for excessive continuity, this was going a step further; yesterday bleeding into tomorrow and a chunk of five years ago in Never-Was falling into the Might-Have-Been and generally requiring a reworking of grammar. While things have been stabilizing, occasionally places change, new people show up where they weren't before, existing people... change.

Effect: Essentially, taking some elements of the Puzzlebox 'reboot' project, but instead of trying to work it all out into some huge overarching thing that will never, ever get done, allow it to evolve as organically and messily (pun not intended) as the Box itself. This shouldn't interfere with much (although I might randomly alter some room descriptionss for a time for conversational value), but it would give a baseline of 'things to talk about'.

Figure the best way to get people interested is to do interesting things, after all. :)
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Pretty Rainbow Apocalypse Combo

Ok this is powers that create a mirror world of irony and a mirror world of freaky shit overlaping....

but some how I expect something like this would happen if some one tried to create a strange-charm park.... or they had a really really really intense art war


oh and I love the name 'Pretty Rainbow Apocalypse Combo', that should be used if said charm/strange event ever did happen lol XD

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I would like to get a dialogue going about how best to revitalize the Muck. I know that we need players, but I'd like to know how to attract them. I can host a meeting on evenings or weekends, but when would be the best time for the most number of people.

Besax's probable theme song

Since I happened to see him the other day... here ya go. Deny that it doesn't fit!

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mreow! :3
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Well people are starting to come back, yay.

Now times to try and be on being set would be nice.

But what we really need is fresh blood, so if you know anyone that might like PBX invite them over.
mreow! :3
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posablity of breathing life into the old girl?

I have been hearing a lot from people that miss PBX the past few months. Then there are some people that are interested from when I talk about it now and again.

All in all I poked around trying to find out who misses and would like to start it up again and who would like to join.

So far, on my own, I've found that the following old players (including myself) want to start RPing PBX again... listed by the chars they play:


and miesha probably would but she's always idly as of late, and Pi has been logged onto pbx for the past few days....there is also some one else but I can't remember there name >.<

In addition there are two people I know would join for sure, and maybe a third.

At the very least that's 9 old players and 2 new ones.

If other old people I am not that familiar with want to see this thing alive again, and the people that are all interested get a person or two to come, then we defiantly have enough people to get this thing going again.
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